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Re: WHat Minimum Equipment is needed?

The crew is exceedingly busy on this mission.  SAREX is a secondary
payload.  I know it is frustrating getting up for an early morning pass
and hearing nothing.  But please try to be grateful for the support that
we do get from the crews and NASA.  It may not feel like it sometimes,
but they do an awful to support amateur radio in human spaceflight.

We've sent up a request asking the crew to leave the packet rig on all
the time and to only take it off when they go to the microphone.  We'll
see what happens...

Bruce Paige wrote:
> they have been successful in turning off the radio when they awaken so we
> don't have the chance to work the packet robot. but they can't seem to turn it
> on again to make a voice contact. i am sure there are going to be some
> press releases as to what exactly has happened.
> it could simply be that at $1 million per minute (or something like that) to fly
> the shuttle, they have more important things to do than talk on the radio.
> experiments must be completed and i am sure they have been very busy
> doing that.

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