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Re: [amsat-bb] Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE

Maybe on AO27 and SUNSAT... and others....

     We need to re-define "success"?

I can understand the frustration at the AMSAT-UK demo and all the work
invested..  but maybe we can use this as a lesson for future demos and
FM satellites...

> The satellite was occupied continuously by a CT1, a DJ1 and a G8 so we
> were unable to demo to beginners how easy it is to work satellites.

Unfortunately, it just isn't "easy" to work an FM bird due to Human 
nature.  But if "success" was measured by hearing an amateur satellite
and showing that its coverage, then everyone in Europe could claim 

> The satellite was occupied continuously, by ... several other stations. 

Human nature being what it is, this problem will never be truely solved
for single channel FM birds.  Though we should encourage a different
operating style.  See below.

> The beginners were impressed. I think they will *not* start satellites
> themselves. Amsat-world are the losers here.  It is because other people
> were selfish  that these important demonstrations FAILED. 

With maybe 2,000 people on the uplink and only time for maybe 20 to make
complete exchanges this means a 99% FAILURE rate under ideal conditions.
But if we measure success as hearing the bird, then we have 100% success.

Further if we persue not full exchanges but encourage a "demo" mode of
operating where everyone simply states his call, location and maybe a word
or two comment, then maybe 100 people could have a "bonus" of having
made it into the bird.  Just hearing and logging these "locations" should
impress most people on most demos.  

AMSAT international should formalize two items throughout amateur radio:

1)  Make sure that no Awards, nor certificates nor any other QSO
recognition can be made for any two-way QSO's on the FM birds.

2)  Formally publish  something like the "demo" mode of operations for
FM birds suggested above... That encourages brief comments to the "group"
without requiring exchanges.

I am all in favor of more FM birds and am writing a paper for the AMSAT-NA
symposium suggesting a "builders" channel encouraging any schools or
universities that want to build a satellite to consider building on the
"builders channel".  They get a bird in space.  We get more and more FM
birds with out loss of spectrum, because ALL of these birds will be on ONE
and ONLY ONE FM channel.  THis preserves precious spectrum while letting
many potential universities attempt satellite building.  And we users get
more than just 2 passes a day, but maybe 40 or more if we get 10 birds on
the channel.  This would hopefully spread out the load...  But never solve
the congestion problem...

Just a thought...

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