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Fw: Superb STS-93 Pictures across Australia

> From: Farrell Winder <fwinder@one.net>
> Date: Sunday, July 25, 1999 7:57 PM
> Hi All,	
	I've just  viewed a very spectular live camera coverage via the 
> NASA TV Satellite broadcasting video from the Shuttle as it started
> Australia's West Coast beginning Jul 25, 1999, 11:13 UTC proceeding 
across the
> continent just South of Brisbane reaching there at 11:22 UTC,   then on 
to the Pacific
> Ocean .  The whole pass was almost 100%  cloud free along the path of
> Columbia which took it basically across the middle part of Australia. 
> of unoccupied land and several small Lakes noted, but a couple of cities 
> were obvious.  The announcer for NASA said that the camera was "Zoomed"
> its fullest setting. The country was being covered at 5 miles/sec !..
Next best thing to actually being aboard the shuttle !!!.	If you all can
see replays of this,  it is well worth watching,  expecially for
> the "downunder" folks.
> 	At about the same time of the pass, Michel Tognini, KD5EJZ aboard
Columbia, reported   via
> NASA TV that on Sarex channel 8 and Channel 9 that he tried to apparently

> Tx and Rx but heard nobody while over Australia.  The announcer said that
> he would pass the info on to the Sarex people for review and
> hopefully fixes will be in place soon.  He may have been referring  only
to the connection for the  scheduled school contact.     73, Farrell
Winder, W8ZCF..    
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