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Re: [amsat-bb] Unproto:

>       I am still learning about packet contacts with either MIR or the
> Shuttle... but I want to make sure I understand what to do... to avoid
> an actual connection.

Set UNPROTO APRS VIA W5RRR-1 for the shuttle or

> My question is , " Do they somehow acknowledge the contact ? ".

If you see the packet DIGIPEATED via the spacecraft, then that confirms
your success...  Everyone else within 1000 mi or more should also see it.
Most TNC's mark such packets with a "*"

> Also , what about APRS on each flights.

MIR is currenlty downlinking an APRS Bulletin every 2 minutes.  Both MIR
and SAREX are acting as APRS UI digipeaters.  APRS is only a set of
special formats for certain information and a program to help you capture
and sort it all from hundreds of users.  Here are some formats:
    >This is a station comment.  It can contain anything            ?
    [GG##GG] This GridSQ will plot you on all APRS program maps
    :BLN1SAREX:This is a bulletin to everyone monitoring SAREX      *
    :BLN2MIR  :This is a bulletin to everyone monitoring MIR        *
    :WB4APR   :This is a message to WB4APR                          ?
    !DDMM.mmN/DDDMM.mmW-The LAT/LONG format to put you on maps      *
     precisely and allows you to indicate what ICON to use.  Here,
     the "-" means a house (There are hundreds of Icons)

The Final column (*) indicates which packets can be received by a THD7 HT.
Notice that Bulletins must begin with BLN# and both bulletins and message
CALLSIGNS must be padded to 9 bytes.  Station-to-station messages can only
be received by the indicated station, so they are not visible on most
THD7's, that is why we recommend BLN#'s during MIREX/SAREX.

There are dozens of additional formats for all kinds of ham radio
applications, but the above are the best examples to use for SAREX/MIREX
from conventional packet users.  APRS users may send and receive any
formats as long as they are kept BRIEF.

SAREX PACKET:  Down on 145.800 and up on 144.49
MIR   PACKET:  Down on 145.985 and up

SAREX is usually much harder due to window antenna and orientation

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