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STS-93 SAREX Note 2 [resent]

Sunday, July 24, 1999 @ 0330 UTC


SAREX had a very good contact with Harbor View Elementary School in 
Corona Del Mar, California through Gordon VK6IU in Australia.  Contact 
ended at 0051z July 25.  In fact, the school invites all hams to 
visit their web site via a link provided at 

They expect to have audio there soon to showcase!  

No audio was heard from Columbia for the Awty International School 
scheduled contact that ended at 0226z through VK6IU.  I speculate 
that a poor orbiter attitude (roughly belly forward, main engines 
earth-center pointing) prevented MS3 Michel Tognini from being 
heard but we will find out for sure.  

Coming up soon is a Columbia-Mir Amateur Radio link attempt between 
the cosmonaut-astronaut on the space shuttle (MS3) and a fellow 
French cosmonaut on Mir.  

Starting tomorrow evening (EDT) I *may* be able to help arrange 
for WA3NAN, the Goddard Amateur Radio Club station, to retransmit 
the school contacts LIVE on the published space shuttle audio 
retransmission frequencies.  See the web site for news at 
http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/www/garc-home-page.html as well.  

After I get additional details researched and verified about the 
missed contacts I will pass another SAREX Bulletin along.  Until 
then we'll continue to watch the sarex@amsat.org mail list for 
posts about any first hand observations.  If you hear the space 
shuttle and have some good observations then please post them!  

Good luck in the experiment!  


AMSAT Area Coordinator and SAREX helper
Washington, D.C. area                                  Go P3D !!!

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