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Mir Talks to Shuttle via Kenwood equipment

Tonight another successful Mir to shuttle Amateur Radio Link.
The schedule took place at 05:33 utc time on July25.
All three members of the Mir crew took turns talking to several members of the
Shuttle Mir crew.
The Mir crew was using the Kenwood TM-733 Dual band transceiver, which is part
of the MAREX-NA PMS Personal Message System.

The Contact took place over the Caribbean and was out of range of most of the
I was able to monitor the audio on NASA select.  The over-all quality of the
contact was very good.
However the Mir crew did leave the PMS on during part of the QSO, which did
cause a few
Packet bursts to be heard over the Shuttles Amateur Radio.

This is not the first time the Mir and shuttle crews have talked to each other.
I help coordinate the first few shuttle
to Mir schedules, beginning with STS-57.

73 Miles

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