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Re: STS-93 Keps....

At 08:56 PM 7/24/99 -0700, Joe Steinmetz wrote:
>The keps provided on this reflector *and* the real-time tracking are fairly
>close (a few minutes off).
>The live tracking (available via a screenshot on NASA Select TV) is not even
>close to the others. Does anyone know
>which to beleive? Is the web-version of NASA Select delayed to the extent it
>isn't useful to conform position of STS-93?
>Will the real keps please stand-up?

Hi Joe,

Ken Ernandes provides a wonderful service of supplying the radio 
amateur community accurate element sets for the STS missions.  
Likewise, Gil Carman bless his heart.  The TLEs are derived 
somewhat differently but still seem to track each other well 
for amateur use.  Ken describes the orbit accurately.  Gil's 
elements tend to "anticipate" coming SAREX opportunities.  
Take your pick.  

Who knows what highlights might be replaying over NASA TV 
at the time you glance?  

IMHO, I'd place my money on Ken and Gil.  



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