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STS-93 SAREX Note 3

Sunday, July 25, 1999 @ 0440 UTC               See note at bottom.  


During the mission of STS-93 the Goddard Amateur Radio Club (GARC) 
is sponsoring a special event.  Contacts must be 2-way, SSB or CW, 
simplex only.  Any current GARC member may add the suffix "/30" to 
their callsign to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 
mission.  A special 8"x11" certificate will be created for this 
special event.  Send a 8"x11" SASE or two units of first class 
postage (if you do not want your certificate folded) to the 
station you have contacted or to: 	

	Goddard Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
	P.O. Box 86
	Greenbelt, MD 20768-0086

I will be QRV on 2m, 6m, 10m, 15m, 40m, and 80m as much as 
possible during the rest of the mission.   Sunday after 17:00 
UTC.  During the week I will be on after 19:00 UTC, work 


John Klim, N3KHK/30

[I might suggest, at least for 80 through 10 meters SSB, that 
you might start to look for John and others roughly +/- 10 kHz 
from the published WA3NAN space shuttle retransmission 
frequencies of 3.860, 7.185, 14.295, 21.395 and 28.650 MHz.  
Also, perhaps brief voice announcements can be made when the 
retransmission effort is also in progress or a note placed on 
http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/www/garc-home-page.html to assist 
hams in finding GARC members on the air.  Once found, seeding 
your DX packet cluster may add to the excitement too.  IMHO.  
- Pat WD8LAQ/30]  

Patrick L. Kilroy                                                WK
SSPP Hitchhiker I&T Lead Engineer  Phone:  301-286-1984
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center   Fax:    301-286-1673
Building 5, Mail Code 568          E-mail: pat.kilroy@gsfc.nasa.gov
Greenbelt, Maryland  20771         Web:    http://sspp.gsfc.nasa.gov

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