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Hi Chris

Thanks for that info.  Very interesting.

I'm in South Africa and know very little about satellite TV signals, other
than that there is one official and formal service with a fairly high number
of subscribers in this country.  It has around 40 channels, as far as I
know, but these do not include NASA TV.  I think the signals come from PAS

Do you know if it's at all possible to get NASA TV directly from any
satellite down here at the bottom of Africa?  I have no idea where GE-2 is
situated, but assume that one can't "see" it from here.

I wonder where I could get such info?

Ray Webber (ZS6RSW)

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> James Sibley wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know if I can get NASA select on the RCA DSS (Digital
> > Satellite System) satellite dish and use the receiver they
> provide (also
> > RCA)?
> No you can't.  And why would you want to watch something as boring and
> educational as NASA TV when you can watch all sorts of
> shopping channels and
> thousands of reruns of Pettycoat Junction instead? :-)
> Seriously though-- you can get NASA TV from the DiSH network off their
> bird in the 61.5 degree orbit slot.  You of course must have a DiSH
> network receiver and either subscribe to one of their programming
> packages or pay a small monthly "access fee" to get the receiver
> authorized.
> I doubt if it would do much good... but if you want NASA TV accessible
> via DirecTV, write them a letter and ask for it.
> You can of course also get NASA TV directly from its C-band downlink
> on GE-2... but you need a C-band dish and receiver to do that.
> I wish NASA TV could be persuaded to offer their programming
> on a traditional
> Ku-band downlink.  Then we could all get it with much
> smaller, cheaper dishes.
> I would think even an educational endevour could then be put together
> where low cost Ku-band systems get deployed to schools so
> that they have
> access to NASA TV at any time for only the cost of the receiver.
> Ho hum...  I guess one can only dream.
> Chris
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