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MIR, last days - EU update


Things are getting rough for Jean Pierre up there!
I suspect the "countdown feeling" is affecting a lot of
central europeans, who are fighting against time!
I think they fear they will not be able to make a qso 
with MIR, they have nothing to loose, and so they call, 
and call, and call...hoping he got at least their "last two".
Although JP is doing his best (even last wednesday, when
his voice was really "down"), it has been impossible to control
the pile-up. Sometimes he is unable to do a "full" qso during 
a single pass!!!
In many ocasions he said: "Brake, Brake, Brake", "Please stop", 
"Please stop the modem", etc etc. He also ask's for silence, 
go QRT for a couple minutes, etc.
The most sucessfull technic however is to QSY to another
frequency, but it's only until they found him again...
Due this "problem", he decided to make "public announces". 
He done it when Progress cargo arrived, and he done it again today,
about today's EVA. He said all was ok, and the russian 
cosmonauts were decompressing and resting, due the very long 
"walk", from 1230 till 2045. I'm not sure if I got this right. 
It looks so long...

About the shuttle, nothing heard until 2300z, 23July!

Good luck everybody!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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