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James Sibley wrote:
> Does anyone know if I can get NASA select on the RCA DSS (Digital
> Satellite System) satellite dish and use the receiver they provide (also
> RCA)?

No you can't.  And why would you want to watch something as boring and
educational as NASA TV when you can watch all sorts of shopping channels and
thousands of reruns of Pettycoat Junction instead? :-)

Seriously though-- you can get NASA TV from the DiSH network off their
bird in the 61.5 degree orbit slot.  You of course must have a DiSH
network receiver and either subscribe to one of their programming
packages or pay a small monthly "access fee" to get the receiver

I doubt if it would do much good... but if you want NASA TV accessible
via DirecTV, write them a letter and ask for it.

You can of course also get NASA TV directly from its C-band downlink
on GE-2... but you need a C-band dish and receiver to do that. 

I wish NASA TV could be persuaded to offer their programming on a traditional
Ku-band downlink.  Then we could all get it with much smaller, cheaper dishes.
I would think even an educational endevour could then be put together
where low cost Ku-band systems get deployed to schools so that they have
access to NASA TV at any time for only the cost of the receiver.

Ho hum...  I guess one can only dream.


Chris Elmquist, N0JCF
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