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James Sibley wrote:
> What I meant was point the dish where it needs to be pointed and receive
> on transponder 5 with my RCA reciever. .Not using my satellite service to
> get it. Don't know if it will work. If this method works, where do I
> point it to?

No.. unfortunately, NASA TV downlinks an analog signal on a C-band
transponder of GE-2 (transponder 9C to be exact).  Your RCA (or any DirecTV
receiver) is designed to only receive a digital, encrypted downlink from one
the DirecTV DBS satellites.

DiSH Network is the same story...  just a different encoding scheme for
the digital signalling and different DBS satellites.

Unless someone can tell us otherwise, I believe the only way to directly
receive NASA TV today is with a C-band ground station.

Some people might be able to get it from their cable TV provider on a
sporadic basis...  usually timeshared with extremely poor quality home
videos of little league games.

Chris Elmquist, N0JCF
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