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SAREX Packet

It is probable that SAREX will usually be in VOICE mode over the USA when
the astronauts are awake, and hopefully be in PACKET mode when they sleep.
Note that they sleep during Mid-Day (USA time), but their orbits are over
the USA in the evening and night.  Here is my (uninformed) guess based on
the timeline of when you might expect to operate some PACKET under the
above assumptions:

JULY  23rd 04xx      UTC  Launch
      24th 0200      UTC  SAREX is unpacked and set up
      24th 1430-2230 UTC  First sleep period (good packet chances)
      25th 1330-2130 UTC  Second sleep period (good packet chances)
      26th 1230-2030 UTC  Third sleep period (good packet chances)
      27th 0430      UTC  Stow SAREX

Looking at the orbit, I draw the following approximate conclusions:

*  The crew is awake over the USA (night time) (expect Voice?)
*  The crew sleeps over S.America, C.Africa and India (Packet?)
*  The crew sleeps over early Australia passes (Packet?)
*  Spain and Italy will see some sleep time passes (Packet?)
   Northern Europe wont see the shuttle at all, but can monitor MIR.
   for APRS UI packets.

So stations outside the USA may have good opportunities to play with the
SAREX packet system and APRS.  THe above are very crude approximations.
Expect anything at any time!  All downlinks are on 145.800 MHz.  Never
transmit there.

Uplinks are:  Packet(everywhere) 144.49         UP
              Voice (USA)        144.45 and .47 UP
              Voice (Europe)     144.49         UP

PACKET:  APRS UI transmissions are encouraged.  EIther run APRS or use
your TNC to send UI packets via W5RRR-1.  (Manual users should begin each
line with ">" so APRS stations will capture them).  Do NOT attempt
connections to any other station, it is very inneffecient and
inconsiderate.. Communicate with everyone via UI packets only.  While
planning Demos, dont overlook the UI packets on MIR's downlink of 145.985
as well.

de WB4APR, Bob

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