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July 20 deadline to vacate 145.79

The time has come!  The reason APRS users have QSY'd to 144.39 across the
USA is upon us.  The 25th and final SAREX shuttle mission, STS-93, is set
for launch on Tuesday, July 20.  SAREX on STS-93 will use 145.800 as the
downlink frequency <http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/~kc6rol/sts93.html>.  
I sure hope 145.790 is free of all APRS traffic by then!  After all the
blood, sweat, and tears shed by our national APRS community to prepare for
this planned use of 145.80 as a downlink freq for manned space flights, we
sure don't want any APRSers to be accused of disrupting amateur
transmissions from space during this historic mission!
73, Cap KE6AFE
P.S.  Please consider giving a listen on 145.79 (before July 20) to make
sure the freq's clear in your area, but remember to make sure you've
cleared off the freq by launch time (04:36:00 UTC on 1999-07-20).

Cap Pennell
Santa Cruz, CA 95062-1002       3658.93N/12200.91W [CM86xx]
email: cap@cruzio.com   home page: http://members.cruzio.com/~cap
packet radio: KE6AFE @ki6eh.#wcca.ca.usa.noam
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