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MIR over the weekend!


This was quite an interesting weekend to follow MIR.
First there were several visible pass's, but unfortunatly 
I wasn't able to see Progress ship behind :(
Second, the ham radio activity was intense. On saturday
there was a scheduled contact with TM5AS, and due that
we could hear JP speaking russian! The other surprise was to 
listen Avdeyev, although I didn't got anything of what he said. 
But that's no surprise: I don't speak russian, hi!
Today Jean was heard at 1915z, making a full announce,
saying Progress ship docked, the hatch was opened, they 
got the supplies, and all was ok on board.
After that he tried to make random contacts, although the
usual EU QRM didn't help much... So he said he was going
QRT, to speak with mission control. Even so, after that
he done several qso's on another frequency (145.940MHz).
In fact he has become a very skilled radioamateur :)

Talking about MIR, if you haven't noticed before, MIRnews from
Chris v.d.Berg have been very sparse this year. That is due a
very serious family problem. Fortunatly the situation has 
improoved and his reports are back on line. Have a look at last
one: http://infothuis.nl/muurkrant/mirnw460.html
It has very interesting comments!

On another subject, good luck everybody for STS-93.

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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