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Mir crew getting ready for supply ship

Message from  French  cosmonaut  Jean-Pierre  Heignere on board the Russian
Space Station Mir.
July 16, 1999

Recieved by Miles Mann WF1F

This message is from Jean-Pierre to Miles Mann, reguarding a few message I
relayed to JP from his family.  JP when on to tell us a little about life on

MSG#196 07/16/99 22:13:08 FROM R0MIR TO WF1F

Miles thanks very much.  I write in the evening and the
last ones were quite busy.

 We have just learned that the Progress was successfully launched
and we are now eager to get fresh food, the mail and all sort of things.
The life on board is intersting, even after 4,5 month of flight and taking into
accoutn that the solar orbits we have now are not the best for earth
They are still some god pictures of clouds at sunset to shot. We are waiting and

preparing EVAs and docking as well as some experiment to come with the
Progress. So I am not to overloaded and take this advantage to make the
reports and reference the materials.
The leak is forgotten, the panic on the earth has gone as well and it is good.
An other month and a half before us and we will enjoy the old good earth and
these marvellous
Hope the best for you and thanks again.

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