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Mir News

	As noted on this reflector, Roy Neal, K6DUE, has just forwarded  some very
good news concerning the Mir Space Station.   Also Dave Larsen, N6CO has 
just sent a note about the status of the Amateur Radio Equipment aboard Mir
which indicates that this equipment should  be performing as usual.   
	In general it appears that things are "looking up" for Mir with the
planned launch of the Progress vehicle to deliver supplies and equipment
needed to set up Mir for its "solo" configuration.
	A picture of the current 3 crew members aboard Mir was sent down to Earth 
recently by Amateur Radio SSTV and  is currently being run with a story on:


	This crew deserves a BIG THANKS for all the messages and pictures they
have recently sent via Amateur Radio.  We hope they can continue to send
pictures as time permits and that all who are interested in copying images
can do so before the crew returns to Earth.  It is understood that the crew
has a planned  departure on or about August 23/24, 1999.
							Farrell Winder, W8ZCF.
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