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TNC update ~ Leak on MIR ~ Loc of ham eqm

 I had 2 nice chats with Serge and Jean -- 

 The problem with the TNC is it was set up for 9600 baud - this was fixed
The leak is not bad and the crew is knw in the "main core" of MIR
 I had a chance to get some of the prams set in the TNC after the talk
on my last pass in Ca. So hope this helps over Eu. ~ Ples let me knw ~

 The TNC is loc in the main core modl - I got the felling that there was
not enough room to put the SSTV eqm there. 

 TNX to all for standing by - I should be able to put the rest of the prams
in this eve  [ If I do not fall asleep at the computer agn (-: ] 

 MIR Sysop

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