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Re: TNC on MIR - he's trying!

Tate wrote:
 > During the 0100MDT pass (0700z), I recorded the one side of a conversation
 > with Jean-Piere on MIR. He mentions that the packet TNC won't transmit and
 > something about not being able to send images. 


I just heard JP saying he is working on it. It seems now the
problem is the TNC that don't key's the rig.
I heard him from 0542 till 0651z, giving explanations and
working all europeans he could.

Later, between 0718-0725, it was a pass "just for me"! MIR was flying
over central Atlantic (the footprint covers only CU, CT3, EA8, CT, EA, 
and Africa), so main "competition" from central europe was out range :)
We had a nice chat (about TNC problems, weather, voice qso's all over
the world, etc). He also talked about his radioamateur activity from
stressing he wasn't radio amateur before, but he is doing his best. 
I said him he has been one of the most active amateurs from MIR, 
and we all must be very thankfull for his effords. 
Near LOS, he end the qso asking my name (because I always forget to 
say it) and said "thanks" in portuguese (obrigado), witch, of course, 
was a very nice unexpected detail!
I'll look for him tomorrow :)

Have a nice weekend.
73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. Did anyone heard about a Proton rocket failure???
      I heard about it on the radio, Kazakh authorities were realy 
      upset and have forbiten Baikonur to lauch more rockets until was
      explained. Russian officers asked for an exception (to send
      a Progress ship to supply MIR), but if that request was denied
      cosmonauts have to leave MIR shortly. Any further info???

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