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MIR has TNC hardware problem

Hi agn.
I spoke agn to Jean Pierre  this morning. (Hard to understand his accent)

Transcript July 10, 1999 1157 UTC( Saturday 7:57 AM EDT) 

KD4SFF: Do you need some assistance with the TNC hardware configuration.

ROMIR: Thanks a lot, I think I managed the best I could, as far as (??
Atasha )is concerned,the problem is  with a poor cable connection between
the station or the TNC.  ?? without a cable, there's nothing I can do
from here.

KD4SFF: Roger, Roger, My name is Al, and the callsign is KD4SFF (in
phonetics). I hope you get that all straightened out there Jean- Pierre.

ROMIR: I hope so, we are waiting for progress, but everything is already
packed so, ????, if we get the cable from the supplies, the situation is
not good I should admit.

KD4SFF: I'm sorry to here that, I hope progress comes you get everything
straightened out. Over.

ROMIR: I'm sorry, your not readable. Thanks for the contact anyway.

73, Al / KD4SFF
Greenville, SC
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