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MIR's TNC update.


 I made several contacts with the MIR crew last nite then early
this AM - 

 Last nite when anyone would try and con. to R0MIR-1 ~ NOTHING ~
 Then this AM it was back to the problem of 10 days ago ~ NO tones

 The Ham eqm was moved to the core modl and kwn the crew is thinking
about moving the eqm back. I said this would not matter as it seems there
is a cable problem -

 I asked if he had tryed to reset the con. going into the Knwd - hes ans.
was" at least 10 times"  

 Both the crew and I went over several prams - ALL looked good -

 At this point it seems to be a cable problem - and there is NO radio shack

 At the end of the QSO - he said   " I am going to get in touch with Serge [ RV3DR]
and get a new cable sent up on this next supply rocket."

 I then though of the "old" ICOM and Pac-Comm's and asked him about maybe
putting these back in line   ~ His ans was he did not knw were on MIR they 
 The BIG problem useing the Pac-Comm would be it only had 18K in the mailbox
were the KAM had 100K and the KAM had remote sysop were as the Pac-Comm
does not.

 LETS all keep our fingers "X'ed" and hope earther this cable starts to wrk
or a new cable is made in time for the next lauch.


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