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Fw: Amateur Radio SSTV from Mir

    HELLO All,
            I wish to thank all of those who responded to my inquiry.  I
especially wish to thank Ghislain RUY, F1HDD/ON1RG.   He has forwarded the
following URL where the  story and a detailed picture of the  referenced
interesting emblem may be viewed in detail: 
                          73, Farrell Winder, W8ZCF.
> From: Farrell Winder <fwinder@one.net>
> To: sarex@AMSAT.ORG; amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org; atv@atv.tallahassee.net
> Subject: Amateur Radio SSTV from Mir
> Date: Sunday, July 04, 1999 2:34 PM
> 	During the last 2 days I am certain many have copied the very excellent
> SSTV pictures from the Mir Space Station.  One of these  pictures sent
> 3 shows Sergei Avdeyev and Jean-Pierre Haignere before the camera.  On
> Jean-Pierre's uniform there is a very noteable and distinguished reddish
> colored attached circular shaped patch or pinned on figure with a small 
> radiating  point of yellowish  light and other details.  Today I had the
> pleasure of speaking to him as Mir orbited the Earth and I asked him
> it.  For those who might be interested, here is his reply as  best as I
> could  transcribe his good English but rather fast spoken answer  to me :
> 		 "It is something which has been designed specially for the French
> Mission Test Series by a French young artist and it figures out,  has a
> style, not really account  for it, inside the add one eye is the moon, on
> the other one is  the sun and there are some stars as well,  so it
> Symbolizes the look of the man on the Earth".
> 	I am not absolutely clear on the words "add one eye",  or it could be 
> "and on one eye". Perhaps others  who might have  heard him  could help 
> up  these words if they are not correct.                     73, Farrell
> Winder, W8ZCF.              
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