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Re: Mir active on Voice and SSTV July 4, 1999

Miles Mann wrote:
> Active on voice and SSTV during the last three passes.
> 145.985 FM Simplex

Also over EU this morning. But let me add a couple note's:
- at 0818z, packet was ON until half pass. Than JP come on voice.
  And than, nothing! I thought: "What happened???" I just tuned 
  a bit down and found him chating on 145.945 MHz. But because the 
  frequency was "discovered" and started to be QRM'ed, he asked 
  the station who he was in QSO to go SPLIT (he was listening on
  I found this remarkable! In a short time he had learned to deal
  with the pileup's like an HF DX station. That's amazing!
  Even more considering his lack of previous radio experience!!!

- at 0953z, silence. Than a few words and a SSTV pic (I didn't got
  it. He took me by surprise :). And after that just silence...
  I tuned around, but nothing! Only at the LOS I realised the
  other station (who he sent the pic) was uploading pictures
  to him. Interesting... I wonder how he arranged that???
  You bet I'm jealous ;-)

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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