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Amateur Radio SSTV from Mir

	During the last 2 days I am certain many have copied the very excellent
SSTV pictures from the Mir Space Station.  One of these  pictures sent July
3 shows Sergei Avdeyev and Jean-Pierre Haignere before the camera.  On
Jean-Pierre's uniform there is a very noteable and distinguished reddish
colored attached circular shaped patch or pinned on figure with a small 
radiating  point of yellowish  light and other details.  Today I had the
pleasure of speaking to him as Mir orbited the Earth and I asked him about
it.  For those who might be interested, here is his reply as  best as I
could  transcribe his good English but rather fast spoken answer  to me :
		 "It is something which has been designed specially for the French
Mission Test Series by a French young artist and it figures out,  has a
style, not really account  for it, inside the add one eye is the moon, on
the other one is  the sun and there are some stars as well,  so it
Symbolizes the look of the man on the Earth".
	I am not absolutely clear on the words "add one eye",  or it could be 
"add on eye". Perhaps others  who might have  heard him  could help  clear
up  these words if they are not correct.                     73, Farrell
Winder, W8ZCF.              

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