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Mir PMS back on Line June 28, 1999

Hello Everyone:

Last Friday the Mir PMS developed a problem in which it stopped sending
Packet Audio.  Every time you tried to connect you could hear a dead-carrier
coming back from the Mir PMS.

As soon as I heard about the problem, I tested the PMS directly and verified
the audio glitch.  There are two primary reasons for this type of audio problem.
1.  A looses cable
2.  The Software controlled Audio values could have received a radiation zap.

I sent a updated fax with instructions to the MAREX-Russia team explaining
the step on how to test and resolved both problems.

On Saturday, I Talked withJean-Pierre on Mir and explained the problem,
said, he knew the PMS was not working and was told that Sergej A. would looking
into the problem when he had time.

This morning during the 09:50 UTC pass over the USA, the PMS was fully

Thanks everyone



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