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Re: Shuttle frequencies

Take a look at http://www.hearsat.org/ which has a section on both Mir
and Shuttle.  Shuttle is tough as virtually all the communications are
on the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) birds which use
spread spectrum.  The TDRSS downlinks are encrypted.  Shuttle does have
a UHF voice system which can be monitored for the first and last
orbits.  I've heard the crew a couple of times when they launch into a
high inclination orbit.  And you can monitor EVA activities from the
suit radios.

Mir has more monitoring opportunities.
	Will Marchant, KC6ROL
	AMSAT-NA SAREX Operations Manager

GPersons wrote:
> I know this has been ask before. What are the voice frequencies for the
> shuttle? And does anybody know what the voice frequencies for MIR are? I'm
> not talking about the amateur frequencies. I am talking about the
> frequencies that they use to communicate with mission control.
> 73
> Gary

Will Marchant
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