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Todays MSNBC News Story re Mir Space Station

Hi All, 
	For those following Amateur Radio activities aboard Mir,  MSNBC has just
started to run an article today by Alan Boyle which can be found at:

	Note that this article covers SSTV to and from students at Pearl City High
School in Hawaii. This event was organized by Miles Mann, WF1F and Dr. Dave
Larsen, N6CO working with Ted Brattstrom, NH6YK in Hawaii.  The event was
100 % successful with many very excited students in participation.  Through
the inguenity of Amateur Radio the contact with Hawaii was extended by
Dave, N6CO  and Miles , WF1F by a 3 way telephone link to Hawaii.  Dave
arranged a continuing Q & A with the students and passed the Mir Radio
contact to Miles when Mir became out of range for Dave.  Miles then
terminated the contact and  congratulated the Mir Crew  for the extra
special and extremely successful  Educational session.  
	 As Mir continued to send SSTV pictures over the USA,  one of these  was
recorded by W8ZCF and is shown with the MSNBC story.  The picture includes 
Cosmonaut Viktor Afanasyev (center).  This is the 1st time we've seen
Viktor on Amateur Radio SSTV.
							73, Farrell winder, W8ZCF Cincinnati, Ohio.
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