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Re: Starshine seen UK?

Thanks for reply, I'm not sure. 
Certainly it did not flash like a 20 second disco light, it was a clear
steady star.

 However the keps on the most recent amsat 2le circulation work out for me
as follows:

Time:  22:38 utc
AZ (from my QTH) 231.7 deg
el:38.9 deg

Time:23:39 utc
AZ: 159 deg
el:62.1 deg

Time: 23:40 utc
AZ:100.8 deg
el:35.8 deg

Actually this does fit my observation remarkably well. Although you never

ISS nearest pass calculated to be 20 minutes later at elevation <1 degree
so it wasn't that.

As the ABBA song goes:
"There was something in the air that night, the stars were

I can't watch tonight due to cloud and I will be at the Friedrichshafen
hamfest for the rest of the week.

73 de andy G0SFJ
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