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Starshine visuals

There is a 51 max elevation pass here in SC at 9:34 pm edt on the 21th
from W to NNE. The ISS will be at 9:57 and 29 max  from the W to NNE. If
you blink at the wrong time you will miss it.  Starshine flashes every 21
sec. & the fireflies here are very distracting! ; )
Starshine home page: www.azinet.com/starshine/
>From there you can access the GSOC/DLR page to run visuals with a star
chart! :  www2/gsoc.dlr.de/satvis/
1 25769U 99030B   99170.24037077  .00024832  00000-0  29899-3 0   176
2 25769  51.5964 187.3839 0013297  21.0514 339.1043 15.60561969  3559

Good luck & 73,

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