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Re: AO-27 Internet Monitor Gateways

In my earlier post, the AO-27 frequency is in error.  I took it from the
table on page 13 of this months AMSAT journal as 435.800 +/- doppler.  Ray
Soifer points out this is in error and the actual center frequency is
436.795, almost 1 MHZ higher.   So if you are going to listen for AO-27,
start at 436.803 and tune downards during the pass.  Also, AO27 is only on
in the northern hemisphere and turns on somewhere over canada and turns
off 18 minutes later.   Uplink is still 145.850

I have heard that you can hear it briefly on a GOOD rubber duck but only
during the center of a  close overhead pass and if you have the polarity
matched.  Also note, that a lot of the time it sounds like mush, because
that is what it is hearing from all the QRM on the uplink.

 de WB4APR, Bob

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