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Re: !!!

In 1984 while still under communist rule, I would often recieve Christmas
(a Christian holiday) cards from Governement organizations in the Soviet
Union.  99% of my mail from communist countries at the time were sifted
through.  I often wondered if it was us or them doing the opening, then
it came, a letter from Turkey  ( I think) had been opened, and the feds
put their paperwork in the envelope and mailed it to me, a classic
screw-up, all their little checklists, red marks government seals and
everthing!  Think our mail's secure???  I wonder what happend to my
original letter, they could have at least sent it to me themselves!


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On Fri, 11 Jun 1999 13:29:14 -0700 (PDT) Mike thompson <wb8erj@yahoo.com>
>As far as not receiving stuff from the Soviets, it is
>that either (probably both) that their postal system
>is corrupt, or that the KGB goes through suspisious
>mail. This is common knowledge for those in the old
>Soviet bloc. Those of is in the "free world" assume
>secure delivery of our mail, in the old Soviet Bloc,
>it is assumed that things will be opened, and gone
>My daughter has a pen pal in Russia, we have first
>hand experience of our mail being opened, and stuff
>end up missing...
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