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RE: [amsat-bb] 1200 Baud AX.25 digipeaters in space!

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] 1200 Baud AX.25 digipeaters in space!
> Absolutely.  There are 3 perfectly good 1200 baud AX.25 digipeaters in
> space right now.  AO-16, LU-19 and IO-26  ANyone can digipeat through
> them, they are practically unused over the USA on every pass.  ANY TNC
> can be used to transmit to them on 2m FM with a simple $3 
> modification to
> make the output MANCHESTER....  AND THEY CAN ALL LISTEN ON 145.90!

Nice, but I am not willing to modify my KAM, I use it for other
things too.  1200bd AX-25 is legal above 28 MHz, and there are
some stations doing this too.  Wish the sats used the standard

Y-all have a great evening,

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