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Re: [aprssig] MIR FD/Technology Day

On 6/8/99 12:15 PM, Bob Bruninga (bruninga@nadn.navy.mil)  passed this 

>TAPR's annual Technology Demo Day (SAME DAY AS ARRL FD)
>Full details are available at http://www.tapr.org/tdfd
>   * No commercial power is allowed for stations submitting a score.

<Insert Tongue in cheek ... sorta>

 ... soooo, If I read this right. Being completely off the grid with no 
connection to power company mains, I can sit home in my comfortable 
office chair, forget the bug spray and operate my Power Mac and use my 
home gear, cook good meals and still count in the score just like the 
poor schmoo's sitting in broken down lawn chairs, sweating and slapping 
bugs down at some flea-bitten FD site while downing stale sandwiches and 
even staler coffe or lemonade ..... yes, I do like the sound of that!!!!

<Remove Tongue from cheek>

 Seriously. Do I read the rules right? I can operate from home being 
completely off the grid? My little mountain cabin is "in the field" ????

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