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My MIR list

Today, my HT got to the bottom of the list and started overwriting
stations, so it is time for me to post my results as recorded in my HT
with only a rubber duck (14 inch one) listening on MIR 145.985 for
about 4 days.  List is oldest to newest.  Last pass was 2041 EDT
Monday 7 June 99.  I will record for one more day...

-------- -------- ------ ------ ---- -----------------
N1NFC    lost     EM90??  644mi      lost
WD9GVU-2 lost     lost     lost      lost
W4DJV    House    FM18ds   60mi west lost
WD8LAQ-9 car      FM18ow   15mi west listening 146.835
WB4NLD   Kenwood  EM61??  804mi SW   lost
VE3FTA-7 Jeep     lost     lost      lost
KC8JDS-3 Tangle   EN80QA  326mi West THD7A
NP3C-7   Runner   FM18SX   14mi SE   HI! NP3C@juno.com
K9GD-15  Kenwood  EN52VA  640mi W    QRP 5wts Chicago
VA3SD-7  Truck    FN04GN  402mi N    Chuck mobile in Ont.
KO4UU-7  Kenwood  FM09PP  117mi west Cumb MD
K9GD-7   CAR      EN52VA  640mi W    Mobile via MIR
N6QAB-7  Runner   FM18TI   56mi S    Kevin at Pax Riv MD
KC5DHE   House    EM13ob 1202mi west Tom in Plano, TX
N8UR-7   Runner   EM79WP  405mi west jra@febo.com
AJ4Y-7   Runner   WL97bw  829mi s    Paul's D7
WB4APR   House    FM19qd    0mi e    Bob's QTH
KB8RWA   none     none               KB8RWA/R RWA/D
KA2BQE-7 Kenwood  FN34nm  418mi NE   ka2bqe@amsat.org
W4GV     Dish     EM7oef  802mi SE   W4GV EM70ef BayCom
KU4GY-7  Runner   EL95TP  955mi S    EL95
G3ZFJ-7  Runner   FN30kr  216mi NE   W3GZF@UNIX.ASB.COM
WB4APR-9 Van      FM18qx   13mi S    Just commuting
WB0WNX-5 Kenwood  EN12TM 1063mi W    none
KS4XQ    Dish     EM84QS  448mi SW   Wes in Easley, SC
W1GTT-3  Runner   FN31VJ  278mi NE   Bill
VE3XF-2  Runner   EN94wk  406mi NW   ve3xf@rac.ca
KE9NA-1  Jeep     EN51vt  640mi west JON IN HIS JEEP!
W8XF-7   Pickup   EM98ei  276mi west none
N1QPR-7  Sailboat FN41IL  321mi NW   N1QPR@AMSAT.ORG FN42
W3ADO-7  Tent     FM18sx   13mi SE   Hi! fm BOB
K4EVH-7  Car      FM18ix   38mi west THD7A
KD4HTW   House    FM04ae  391mi SE   APRS KD4HTW MAILBOX
VE3KBL-7 Runner   EO91qg  860mi N    D7
WB8TDG-9 Runner   EM79xs  400mi west RexBEAVERCREEK443675
N2NWZ-7  Runner   FN30bx  193mi NW   Anthony Yonkers NY
N3UYI-7  Runner   FM19qq   38mi N    FM19qq THD7
N1QAG    House    FN34tx  457mi NE   N.Troy VT.
KC7ZRU-2 Dish     DN71eh 1540mi west kc7zru@arrl.net -WYA
KS4XN-14 Jeep     EL89tq  731mi SW   none
KD5HAD   Jeep     EN63bb  648mi NW   James@JMartin.net
N4ZQ     Cloud    EL88oa  845mi SW   Keith from delightfu
W4TWE-1  Kenwood  EM84QS  448mi SW   Tommy's D7
N4WYK-7  Runner   EM95HR  352mi SW   N4WYK@INFOAVE.NET
KR4YL-7  Runner   EL87ov  854mi SW   D7A PAUL pk@ij.net
WA4SSP-7 Boat     EM95ml  349mi SW   jsnoddy@conninc.com
Notice the last pass was to the South West.  This is 46 stations, all with
the Kenwood except for about 5 or so.  Of course, the THD7 does not
capture any non-APRS packets, so many more UI frame communicators may have
been on also.

de WB4APR, Bob

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