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Re: [htaprs] Re: [amsat-bb] BBS's versus DIGIPEATERS in space

As an old time user (RS-6 CW) I would just like to make a comment that has 
been running in my brain for a couple of years.....

Many of the operators trying to connect continuously to MIR are simply 
"DX'ers" looking for a new "zone" or "country" and a QSL...

Why not take "ROMIR"... the local keyboard...and have it dish out "contact 
numbers" ...which are quickly QSL'ed.. and eliminate the DX portion of the 

That leaves the genuine users of the BBS and the Obsessive-Compulsives to 
fight for the 10 minute passes...

I have nothing against DX'ers or Obsessive- Compulsives...."Been there...Done 
that...Got the T-Shirt"....

But with "Newbies" coming in every day (nothing against them either..been 
there too)
...This would be a way to clear maybe 50% of the uplinks and eliminate some 
of the 

If I'm out of line let me know...I'm thick skinned...and I live in Boston




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