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Re: mir info for South Africa .

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, John wrote:

> > Once you have mastered this, then you can also send and receive APRS
> > Messages, but you can read all about it in the manual, or I can post here
> > as lesson #2...
> Bob, lesson #2 would be nice.

OK, Here is how to send messges from the THD7.  FIrst you must enter the
call of who to send it to, and then the message.  In the THD7 there are
several ways:

1)  Press MSG and select INPUT.  THen input the call and the message.

2)  If you press MSG while on either the POSITIONS LIST or the MSG LIST,
then it will pre-load the callsign of the station you are looking at.

3)  Once a message is entered, it will be transmitted once per minute for
up to 5 minutes.  Then it will stop.

4)  You can force a transmission at any time by pressing MSG-TRANSMIT
menu.  These do not count against the 5 miunute counter.  THus, if you
manually force a transmission, and are successful with an ACK, then please
cancel it.  THis is done by listing the MSG and then presseing DEL key.

5)  I have 3 messages I am using on MIR.  I just go select one of them
left over from before, and press MSG.  It copies the old message, and
allows me to edit the message.  THen press OK to send it.

Have fun!

Remember, even without MIR, if you are anywhere within the Northa American
APRS infrastructure (144.39 MHz) you should be able to send and receive
such messages to anyone anywhere else within the infrastructure due to the
transparent IGATE glue that glues the whole APRS world together...

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