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Re: [htaprs] Re: [amsat-bb] BBS's versus DIGIPEATERS in space

On Sun, 6 Jun 1999, Tim Cunningham wrote:

> The efficiency problem on MIR stems from using the TNC single user
> BBS as mentioned.... it would be easy to convert this system to
> a multi-user package like FBB.... Some of the same congestion issues
> still remain with the amount of people trying to work the orbiting BBS,
> but it will allow multiple users to be logged on the system at one time.

Thanks, Tim.  Unfortunately, I suspect this will just result in 10 users
with no success and much worse due to all their RETRY and ACKs, instead of
one user with no success.  The problem is the useless CONNECT-REQUESTS and
BUSY-RESPONSE from the other 50 stations on frequency.  Human nature being
what it is, there is no way to solve this problem, other than putting
ground station software at each users QTH to force them to share.  Thats
what the PACSAT protocol is very good at.. and as you indicated...

ALthough it may appear that UI frames are EGO-SERVERS, this is not the
main reason why they would be so good on MIR or ISS or anyother Amateur
Satellite.  It is because UI's can deliver the SAME messages to EVERYONE
that makes them ideal for MIR.  If MIR was transmitting a series of UI
frames containing all the important messages regarding MIR on a continuous
basis, then FAR more people would receive the messages than the current
process of ONE-PERSON-PER-PASS.  During a 5 minute pass, and say
transmitting only 1 such MIR BULLETIN packet every 3 seconds, MIR could
deliver over 100 lines of message traffic to everyone PER PASS and still
leave 66% of the time available for UI station-to-station communications.
This is exactly what this UI-DIGIPEATER-IN-SPACE (and APRS) is all about.

Its not just for us on the ground.  It is an effecient means for
delivering LOTS of useful packets to LOTS of folks at the same time.

de WB4APR, Bob

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