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Re: [htaprs] mir info for South Africa .

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Peter Black wrote:

> Please ... where I could find info on South African Passes of Mir. 
> I am very jealous of all the fun you guy's are having with your d-7's
> and Mir.

Passes today for MIR over SA are UTC times 2026, 2159, 2338
and then on the 8th of June at 0255, 0428, and 0603.

> Could you also tell me how to make it all work with my D-7 

Yep, here is how to make it work in APRS packet mode:

1) Tune to 145.985
2) Press TNC button once to enable the TNC in APRS mode. (if the word
   "packet" appears then you pushed it twice).  Press again to start over
2) Be sure you position is entered in the THD7 (APRS MENU 2-3)
3) Set the APRS Data Transmit menu to MANUAL (APRS Menu 2-9)
4) Set your "STATUS TEXT" to your Name or Email (APRS MENU 2-6)
5) Set your PACKET PATH to R0MIR (APRS MENU 2-8)

When MIR comes over, and it is not busy, press the BCON button each time
you want to send your POSITION/STATTUS packet.  WHen you are successful,
you will see "MY PACKET" flashed on your screen.  You may hear many
packets, but the THD7 will only decode and display APRS formatted packets.

When you receive other stations, they will appear on your APRS list.  Just
hit the LIST button to see them and scroll through their data...

Once you have mastered this, then you can also send and receive APRS
Messages, but you can read all about it in the manual, or I can post here
as lesson #2...

 de WB4APR, Bob

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