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Re: [htaprs] Re: [amsat-bb] BBS's versus DIGIPEATERS in space

The efficiency problem on MIR stems from using the built-in BBS firmware
on the TNC as a single user BBS as mentioned.  Since they have a
computer tied to the TNC, it would be very easy to convert this system to
a multi-user platform by loading a standard BBS package like FBB.
Some of the same congestion issues still remain with the amount of
people trying to work the orbiting BBS, but it will allow multiple users to
be logged on the system at one time.  This would in effect reduce the
number of BUSY signals that tend to dominate the traffic.  Since we cannot
control the people attempting to connect MIR, this does offer an alternate

Loading the FBB BBS software on their computer would be a rather
easy task once it is properly configured.

The PACSAT server protocol would be more efficient, but I have never
seen an implementation for Windows   There is a modified PACSAT
server package that operates on the LINUX platform, but they may not
be open to such a change since there is little time left for experimentation
on the MIR Space Station.

Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, AL

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>On Sun, 6 Jun 1999, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>That's not entirely true.  FO-20 and FO-29 work just fine as BBSs when in
>Mode JD, and the remaining digital satellites are even better since they
>use the Pacsat Communications Protocol rather than operate as plain BBSs.
>The problem with Mir is that is a single user system, and too many
>groundstations attempt to connect to it or repeatedly digi LONG
>beacons through it while it is in use.
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