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Packet VIA MIR while backpacking in Denali - Alaska?

Using the AMSAT grid locator, I believe I will be in the gridsquare of BP53mq.

How do I send a "UI" packet.  I found in my TNC's manual that I
shouldn't have any problem seeing everyone else's UI packets with "monitor on"
etc.   Is this just as simple as operating in "converse" mode, so everything I
type gets sent out, while at the same time I can see everyone else due to my
monitoring (and function of the flow control).

I did set
BT ][[Backpacking Denali Alaska.  Pse QSL ritz()wsu.edu
I also am set to beacon a couple times a minute.
So if I understood correctly, that should be it.  Folks using APRS should be
able to track me.

I would actually rather just put my lat/lng in directly.  This is because I
will not have to go through the conversion to arrive at my gridsquare.  How
should my UNPROTO look if I want to directly enter my lat/lng?  And also, if I
just put in a gridsquare, that may not change for an entire day, but my
lat/lng would change fairly often as I move (as often as I wanted to type it
in).  This would give the "trackers" a little more to look at :)

How large is a grid square?  I wonder if I could find the "corner" and then
operate in 4 grids over time.

I use the
to convert lat/lng to gridsquare.  But is there anywhere I can directly view a
gridsquare map?
I would like to view it directly to figure out my path.

Someone suggested I take along an Arrow beam and use the AO-27.  I've decided
against it for weight/size/shipping/cost issues.  That would be a great idea
for field day though.  Although the footprint would be really nice.

I've been practicing, and my typing speed is coming up on the calculator.  I'm
maybe up to 8-10 words a minute.

I have macros built into my TNC.  I can use them by 

cmd: 1m test   (setting macro 1 to "test")
cmd: 1m         (recalling macro 1)
test            (result)

Anyone know how to put commands in the macros?
for example if I put
cmd: 1m ID
cmd: 1m
It echos "ID" but it doesn't actually do the action of "ID" (send the
packet burst to identify my station)

That would make it so i could communicate much more effectively with the
==================<snip> from bruninga@nadn.navy.mil=======================

Dont need one.  Just plot in advance the 6 digit grid squares where you
will be, and always put that gridsquare in the TOCALL of your UNPROTO
path.  Then always put the cheracters ]][ at the start of your BText.
This will cause you to show up on all APRS maps as a HIKER at that exact
grid square.  This only locates you to the nearest mile or so, but is
sufficient.  You could type in the full LAT/LONG, but then that takes far
more characters.

So, you would enter your UNPROTO as follows:

   UNPROTO BP80SR VIA R0MIR      (or whatever is your current 6 digit GS)

Next enter your BText as:

   BT ][[Backpacking!  Pse QSL ritz@eecs.wsu.edu

Then set your BEACON to EVERY 20 seconds

Now, each time you see your packet digipeated, then you can also manually
TYPE individual UI frames to anyone that responds.  In this case, it is
still a good idea to include ][[ as the first 3 bytes of every packet you
type.  Actually the format is ]$[ where $ is any one of the 96 primary
APRS ICONs or symbols.  But the symbol for a hiker is "[", so thus you
always begin each packet with ][[.  This tells all APRS users what ICON
you are to be plotted with and also it tells APRS that your position is in

Once you have set up camp, you can change your ICON to the TENT symbol
which is a ";".  THus you would begin each packet with ];[...

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