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Re: Re: Packet VIA MIR while backpacking in Denali - Alaska?

Don't loose hope just yet.
I'm doing a week in the Rocky Mountains in August :)

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> Sorry Ritz,
>    I just ran a track of MIR and you will only see 3 passes a day from
> middle alaska, and although you would have 100% access to the MIR
> digipeater, and could communicate with anyone throughout the southern half
> of Alaska for almost 5 minutes or more, you will only have a few minutes
> per pass when you might be able to get packets in while it is also in view
> of Washnigton state and Northern Calif.
> If you could get anyone else in Alaska to play with you, you would almost
> have your own private satellite for those 3 passes... and could easily
> communicate with them.  But you may only have 2 mins, 3 mins and 2 mins or
> less for the 3 passes to the USA...
> Be sure you are on the SE side of any mountain and can see all the way
> down to the horizon...
>    It will sure be fun, and I am sure that some in the Wash State will
> listen for you, but it would be more fun if you could find some other
> players further north...
> bob

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