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Re: Re: Packet VIA MIR while backpacking in Denali - Alaska?

Sorry Ritz,

   I just ran a track of MIR and you will only see 3 passes a day from
middle alaska, and although you would have 100% access to the MIR
digipeater, and could communicate with anyone throughout the southern half
of Alaska for almost 5 minutes or more, you will only have a few minutes
per pass when you might be able to get packets in while it is also in view
of Washnigton state and Northern Calif.

If you could get anyone else in Alaska to play with you, you would almost
have your own private satellite for those 3 passes... and could easily
communicate with them.  But you may only have 2 mins, 3 mins and 2 mins or
less for the 3 passes to the USA...

Be sure you are on the SE side of any mountain and can see all the way
down to the horizon...

   It will sure be fun, and I am sure that some in the Wash State will
listen for you, but it would be more fun if you could find some other
players further north...


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