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Walkie-Talkie MIR tests

Here are some (edited) results of the HT messaging tests via MIR:

KB7WWP: Listening for Mir on my TH-D7A in Boise, ID. and received a posit
from N6GPS-6.  ... he was  at the intersection of Furlong and East in
Hollister, CA. (over 380 miles away) This is cool stuff!

SD JONES:   I then copied VE3XF-2  (grid EN34WK)  ... I was outside the
house on my way to vote in our provincial election.  Had the D7 with long
rubber duckie in one hand and was pulling the wagon full of kids with the
other.  Even the wife was somewhat impressed!

KC0EZH:  I got my TH-D7A set up and hit Mir on a pass over Denver tonight.
I sent a position packet. Almost immediately I got the "MY  PACKET"
response, indicating I had digipeated through Mir. Coooool! Shortly,
I picked up KF4ERV-7 (Louisville, KY), who was mobile and KB8RWI
(Rawlins, WY). Definitely a lot of fun with 5W and a little mag mount
dual-band antenna! 

KA2BQE:  Me too .... I used my D7 and hit MIR with a successful digipeat
when it was barely 10  degrees above horizon.  I copied 3 other APRS UI
packets and sent 3 of my own.... one more of them got digipeated, 
that did it! I am really hooked now!

SUMMARY:  These are only 5 watt HT's with rubber ducks (- 3 dB) so they
should not be interfering with any other legitimate 25 watt or more 
station who may need access to the Mir BBS.  We are not encouraging other
higher power stations to join the fun, because it will only kill the
success of the HT's.  What we are trying to do is demonstrate that simple
APRS digipeaters in space can provide worldwide messaging capability from

de WB4APR, Bob

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