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Mobile Satellite COMMS!

Amateur Mobile Satellite Comms easy!

It worked!  While driving between work locations today, I held my Kenwood
THD7 out the window and kerchunked on MIR, and got a packet digipeated
on only the 4th try!  THis was with a long rubber duck. and the 6volt
battery pack.  Next I changed to the STOCK (poor) rubber duck and the 9.6
volt pack.  Still I got into MIR after a few kerchunks!

I saw several other UI users too.  But only two of them were sending APRS
UI packets which the Kenwood would receive.  (see note below)

 On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> MIR will only be up for 2 more months.  If you haven't tried to get a
> STATUS/POSIT packet via MIR from your Kenwood THD7, you might want to
> give it a try:
> Here are passes TODAY (wed) over USA.  These are approximations for your
> area at the start of the pass.  Pass should last about 10 minutes.
> Tune to 145.985.
>    PDT   MDT   CDT   EDT
>    ----  ----  ----  ----
>    1521  1624  1727  1830
>    1658  1800  1903  2005
>    1834  1937  2040  2142
>    2008  2110  2213  2316
>    2143  2247  2350  0052
>    2325  ...   ....  ...
> Be sure to set up your HT properly:
> 1)  Set PATH to R0MIR
> 2)  Be sure your position is entered.
> When you hear MIR, then manually originate some POSITS.  Once your radio
> sees your own packet digiepated by showing you "MY PACKET", then you can
> be sure that everyone else saw you also, so stop sending.

Besides seeing the "MY PACKET" you can also check the PASS files on our
live MIR WEB page to see if you got digipeated: (of course our WEB page
receiver is in Maryland so it will only see east coast stations...)


The Kenwood HT only decodes APRS formatted packets.  If you are not using
a kenwood or any other APRS program, then pleas do the following to make
sure that everyone sees your packets. 

**** Set your UNPROTO to CQ via R0MIR

The normal APRS UNPROTO is APRS VIA MIR, but CQ also works...

de WB4APR, Bob

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