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Mir will be Around until 2001

Mir Amateur Radio Status: June 2, 1999

By Miles Mann WF1F,
MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division)

Live Long and Prosper:
The Russian Space Station will be flying solo for a few months beginning in Mid
1999 until February 2000.  You have probably seen the news stories about the
Mir crew returning to earth in August 1999.  The next crew which was scheduled
to arrive
on Mir in August, will not be launched until February 2000.  This is not the
first time
the Russian Space Station has flown with out a crew.  The Mir station will be
empty for
approximately 6 months.  Then depending on the funding status, the February crew
either prepare the space station for a controlled splash landing in the pacific
prepare Mir for operating until its 15 year birthday in February 2001.

Progress Launch:
There will be a new supply ship launching in July 1999 for Mir.  The Progress
will contain the usual supplies and will also include a special antenna for
on the H.F. Amateur  Radio bands.  I was told {we hope to use the equipment
the February 2000 mission}.  I do not have any other specific information on the
project at this time.

Will the Amateur Radio station we active while Mir is unmanned
This is one of the questions we are working on.  The desire is to reduce the
load as much as possible while the Russian Space Station is UN-manned.  All
equipment is always turned off during these extended unmanned periods.  I will
working with the engineers to review the power loads to see if it may be
possible to
keep some of the projects active.

ISS projects:
MAREX-NA was working on upgrading the SSTV hardware on the Mir Station for the
Soyuz flight.  The work we have completed will be merged with the on-going
ISS SSTV proposal project.  We expect the MAREX-NA SSTV ISS proposal to cost
approximately $100,000.00 to build 5 flight quality systems.

Current Mir Crew Members:
SOYUZ TM-29 arrived at Mir on February 20, 1999.  Mir Soyuz TM-29 crew consisted

of French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Heignere, Viktor Afanasyev and Slovakian
 Ivan Bella
On February 28, some of the crew returned to earth, they were:
Slovak Ivan Bella and Gennadiy Paldalko.
Gennadiys mission lasted approximately 6 months (August 16 1998 - February 28

The remaining crew consists of:

The French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Heignere (aprox 6 months)
Cosmonaut Viktor Afanasyev (aprox 6 months)
Cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev.  Sergei mission began August 16, and is expected to
a total of 12 months.

MAREX-NA Web Page:
The MAREX-NA web page is temporally off line due to a server move.
I will send out a new memo, when its back.

Tracking Mir:
For current tracking data, try the CelesTrak web page at http://celestrak.com/

Copyright 1999 Miles Mann, All Rights Reserved.  This document may be freely
distributed via the following means - Email (including listservers), Usenet,
and World-Wide-Web.  It may not be reproduced for profit including, but not
limited to, CD ROMs, books, and/or other commercial outlets without prior
written consent from the author.
Images received from the MAREX-NA SSTV system on the Russian Space Station
Mir are considered public domain and may be freely distributed, without
prior permission.

Miles WF1F

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