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Re: "Bad News"


More people have equipment in their homes to receive SSTV than do
Packet. Like the old saying goes, "A pic is worth...". I have rcvd a
pic of a portion of the Earth then had elem. students use an atlas to
figure out exactly what they see in the pic. They get all excited when
the pic starts coming in and can't wait to be the first to figure out
the land forms. If the pic has a crew member waving or holding up a
scribbled msg. they go crazy.

Try and get that kind of attention with Packet!

 The APRS School Tests help to get junior & senior high students
involved and to a lesser degree, the elem. students due to attention
span, and do much more to advance Amateur Radio than just running

 Lets not forget the voice side of this either. My Mir contacts
started in the days of MIR-22 with Commander Valerie Korzun. The
candor and humor of Valerie will always be with me, in my memory and
on tape, so I can share these events to help promote Amateur Radio and
all the Space Programs.

 In closing I would like to thank all who have contributed to the
Amateur Radio  Space effort. You have done a wonderful job and I'm
sure have spawned interest in young and old alike who will someday
carry on with the presence of Amateur Radio in Space.

73...Harry Mueller, KC5TRB


Jose Mihotek wrote:
> Hey Dave:
> Do you  realize that when packet is on  MIR it is considered bad news ?  If
> you  did not notice, let me tell you. All you have to do is read the mail
> about it. Would you like to know why.....

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