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Re: "Bad News"

Jamie you hit it right on the head.  When are some
of the complainers going to step forward and do something
other than complain.

John W5HUQ

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> Oh boy, the tide is turning.  I must be an OT now because I remember
> when Miles Mann was the bad guy, but now it's pick on Dr. Larson time.
> I like getting pics from the MIR also.  However, it's not as fun as
> getting QSL card from people in other states for 2 way unproto packet
> contacts via the MIR.  The kicker for me is my station: an HT with a mag
> mount on the heater unit in my attic!  Until the 2 mtr / 70 cm situation
> is fixed I don't see why the weekday / weekend- packet / SSTV schedule
> is causing any problems with people.  And honestly, I don't foresee that
> problem ever getting fixed.
> As one person wrote concerning packet:
> > And from what I hear it is a very inefficient system since only one
> contact can be
> >handled at a time provided no body else is trying to access the system.
> "Standard packet" is not "polite" on the MIR, everyone is using (or
> maybe should be using) unproto mode.  Unproto mode allows many people to
> use the MIR packet station at the same time.  If you are unfamiliar with
> packet operation, you should look into it as it is really kind of fun
> with little equipment, an HT, an XT computer or better, and a TNC.
> I think the greatest perk of SSTV on the MIR is introducing non hams
> into the hobby, but I wonder how many people actually share their
> received pictures with others other than to brag.  IMHO, I think that
> receiving the pictures are the easy part, using them for some better
> purpose like setting up a station at a local school to get kids
> interested in amateur radio is the purpose better served.  If all a
> person does is receive pictures for there own enjoyment, which is fine,
> I think that would be boring.  To actually have a two-way contact with
> another person is a real thrill and actually takes skill.  I think, if
> you aren't transmitting, you don't really need a license.  Then you're
> really just a SWL/scanner listener, which again is totally fine.  I just
> hate to see Dr. Larson, (and Mr. Mann for that matter) trashed on a
> public forum.  I agree with the person that said: Just my thoughts and
> "ANY" operations from space is a step in the correct direction. . .
> If SSTV is running, I can receive that, if packet is running, I can
> operate that mode, if APRS is running, I do that too.  You won't catch
> me so narrow mindedly pigeon holed into only one mode of operation that
> I have to complain on the reflector if it isn't being run.
> Thank you Dr. Larson, Miles, and Bob Bruninga for all your work on the
> MIR radio program, I have enjoyed the fruits of all your labors!  I
> don't like to see all the bickering between Miles and Dr. Larson,  but
> I'd more dislike to see either of them give up!
> Jamie
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