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Space is Big enough for All modes.

Hi Everyone:

Concerning the memos about Packet  and SSTV on Mir, I have a few comments.

Sometimes our Goals are not always met.  Success is not always 100%.
When I agreed to the SSTV project, one of our goals was to find a way
to keep as many beginners happy as possible.
The Original plan was to use both projects (SSTV and PMS packet) at the same
time, and just run them on
different frequencies.
Unfortunately, the Simultaneous access goal was not met.  Enough said on that

Now we need to move on to how we can satisfy as many as possible, and at the
same time
not increase the Mir crews work load.
In the short term the best solution is to share as much as possible and be happy
with what the crew has time to give us.

At MAREX-NA were are working on several possible solutions for Mir.  All are
in-progress and
I am not sure which solution we will implement at this time.

As for the future of 1200 baud packet, I am all for keeping 1200 mono band
packet alive and
well on Mir and ISS.  I lobbied the ARISS team extensively to accept the 1200
baud Mono band
packet on ISS over the 9600 70cm version.  The last info I received the 1200
baud will still
be on ISS.
Beginners need an easy place to start.  The 2-meter band is the best place to
begin for a frequency
because Doppler is minimal and most FM radios can automatically handle the 3.3k
Doppler shift.
As for modes, 1200 baud mono band packet and SSTV are the next two easiest
for generating interests and for having fun.

Mir retirement date has been moved to summer of 2000.  This will give us more
time to experiment
with Mir and other projects.  Everything we have learned can be used to build
better projects for ISS.
Example, 1200 packet is great for beginners to get access to space.  But the
down side is,
the existing Mir hardware can only support one user.  We need to design and
build an
5 channel , 4-users 1200 baud PMS for 2-meters, which can support 4 people at
the same
time, using one common down link, and 4 uplink channels for ISS.  The planned
ISS packet
will only support one user, and will have the same bottle-neck affect we have
the Mir PMS.

With your support and interests, we will be able to keep both modes running for
many years.

Lets please try to keep the personal flames off the mailing list.
The MIREX team is doing a great job at maintaining the PMS



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