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Re: "Bad News"

Jose Mihotek wrote:
> Hey Dave:

Although this email was adressed to Dave, I feel the need of saying 
something about it, because I think my words were used out of context!

> Do you  realize that when packet is on  MIR it is considered bad news ?  

Did you noticed I said "bad news"??? 
                       ^	^
		       |	|
		        Watch the " "
Obviously I was talking to the ones who were waiting MIR SSTV
(me included), after many weeks of silence. That's the only only reason
for the " ".
Beside that, IMHO any amateur radio signal from MIR (voice, packet or 
SSTV) is GOOD NEWS. BAD NEWS is when all is QRT!

Enough said!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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