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Re: "Bad News"

"James R. Gorr" wrote:
> Oh boy, the tide is turning.  I must be an OT now because I remember
> when Miles Mann was the bad guy, but now it's pick on Dr. Larson time.
> I like getting pics from the MIR also.  However, it's not as fun as
> getting QSL card from people in other states for 2 way unproto packet
> contacts via the MIR.  The kicker for me is my station: an HT with a mag
> mount on the heater unit in my attic!  Until the 2 mtr / 70 cm situation
> is fixed I don't see why the weekday / weekend- packet / SSTV schedule
> is causing any problems with people.  And honestly, I don't foresee that
> problem ever getting fixed.
> As one person wrote concerning packet:
> > And from what I hear it is a very inefficient system since only one
> contact can be
> >handled at a time provided no body else is trying to access the system.
> "Standard packet" is not "polite" on the MIR, everyone is using (or
> maybe should be using) unproto mode.  Unproto mode allows many people to
> use the MIR packet station at the same time.  If you are unfamiliar with
> packet operation, you should look into it as it is really kind of fun
> with little equipment, an HT, an XT computer or better, and a TNC.
> I think the greatest perk of SSTV on the MIR is introducing non hams
> into the hobby, but I wonder how many people actually share their
> received pictures with others other than to brag.  IMHO, I think that
> receiving the pictures are the easy part, using them for some better
> purpose like setting up a station at a local school to get kids
> interested in amateur radio is the purpose better served.  If all a
> person does is receive pictures for there own enjoyment, which is fine,
> I think that would be boring.  To actually have a two-way contact with
> another person is a real thrill and actually takes skill.  I think, if
> you aren't transmitting, you don't really need a license.  Then you're
> really just a SWL/scanner listener, which again is totally fine.  I just
> hate to see Dr. Larson, (and Mr. Mann for that matter) trashed on a
> public forum.  I agree with the person that said: Just my thoughts and
> "ANY" operations from space is a step in the correct direction. . .
> If SSTV is running, I can receive that, if packet is running, I can
> operate that mode, if APRS is running, I do that too.  You won't catch
> me so narrow mindedly pigeon holed into only one mode of operation that
> I have to complain on the reflector if it isn't being run.
> Thank you Dr. Larson, Miles, and Bob Bruninga for all your work on the
> MIR radio program, I have enjoyed the fruits of all your labors!  I
> don't like to see all the bickering between Miles and Dr. Larson,  but
> I'd more dislike to see either of them give up!
> Jamie
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RIGHT ON! DITTO TO THIS ONE! espcially about the work done by
others...... take what you can see and get.  we have dont nothing to
contribute other then interest, and we receive so much.

Mail from the Creek!

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